Ayeka – Donde las Historias Trascienden



The Ayeka Research Centre has its roots in the collaborative pursuit of three leading researchers who once worked with Jacobo Grinberg. United by their shared dedication to understanding and developing human consciousness, these scholars have combined their varied backgrounds in different fields to create a cutting-edge facility. Positioned as the premier research centre in Latin America for the advancement of human consciousness, Ayeka seeks to bridge the gap between scientific exploration and personal growth, making it a unique institution in its class.


Ayeka Research Centre’s mission resonates with the quest for knowledge and transformation. We aim to transcend conventional boundaries by integrating scientific rigor with holistic wellness. Guests at the Ayeka Integrative Centre are not merely visiting a wellness retreat; they are embracing an experience founded on scientific principles. Our commitment to research ensures that every visit is an opportunity to enhance well-being, guided by evidence-based practices. At Ayeka, we don’t just promise change; we cultivate a journey towards a better life, supported by the best in scientific research and human understanding.


Leah Bella

Founding Director Ayeka Research Center

Amira Valle

Collaborating Teacher

Leah Bella Attie

Bella has a Master’s Degree in Psychobiology from the prestigious UNAM, Autonomous University of Mexico. Her professional career included a valuable collaboration with the late Dr. Jacobo Grinberg in his research on human communication.
Founder and Director of the Jacobo Grinberg Academy.


• Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Psychophysiological area, Anáhuac University
• Master in Psychobiology, UNAM
• Collaborator and student in the human communication laboratory of Dr. Jacobo Grinberg, publishing the thesis “EEG Activity and Brain Topography in Relation to Human Interaction: The Transferred Potential” (1994)
• Co-author with Amira Valle of “Alice in the Land of Consciousness” (Editions 2014/2023), sharing experiences and research carried out in Dr. Grinberg-Zylberbaum’s laboratory. The book was presented at the 2014 International Symposium on Contemplative Sciences, a forum that brings together the most prominent researchers worldwide in this field. Foreword by Dr. Amit Goswami, founder of Quantum University.
• Author of “Alice on the Conscious Earth: Unpublished scientific articles by the students of Dr. Jacobo Grinberg. Academic orphanhood” (2015 Edition)
• Psychologist specialized in abuse, trauma and grief. Trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) by Dr. Jon Connelly.
• Past Life Therapy trained by Dr. Brian Weiss. It offers a diploma course for training therapists in “healing obsidian geometries, crystals and Kundalini massage”.
• Teacher and therapist of “Obsidian Geometry at the Ana Silvia Serrano Master School”
• Author of “Guide to Creating a Red Tent in your Community” (2010 Edition). Founder of Red Tents in several states of Mexico and the USA.
• Meditation teacher of Dr. Grinberg’s “Self-alusive Meditation” meditation technique.
• Studied in Beijing, China. Tai Chi Chuan teacher at the Yang school and the Daoyin system. Power Yoga teacher and Kundalini Yoga Iyengar practitioner, Hatha Yoga (1984/present).
• Tai Chi/Yoga Instructor at Beth Hayeladim High School.


• Choreographer and contemporary dance instructor for “Anajnu Veatem” and JourneyDance.
• Creator of the DanzAlma system. International choreographer and Circular Dance facilitator.
• Director of Circular Dance workshops and retreats in several countries.

Amira Valle

Founder and Director of the Elephant Wise Institute, he is today considered one of the most important exponents of “Mindfulness in Education” in the Spanish-speaking world. She has recently been recognized as one of the “Top 100 Education Leaders” by GFEL (Global Forum on Education and Learning). He has participated as a speaker at the “Global Mindfulness in Education Summit”, along with the most prominent figures in Education worldwide, such as Daniel Goleman and Dan Siegel, and also at the World Happiness Summit in the round table on Education for a Society Positive. .

Meditation practitioner for 30 years and pioneer in Mexico in the research of contemplative neuroscience and Mindfulness in Education.
She is currently a visiting professor in the Department of Social Relations of the UAM, responsible for the research area in Mindfulness and Society.
She is a representative in Mexico and Latin America of Mindfulness Without Borders and the Cognitive Learning Center.
Since 2016 she has taught and directed the Diploma in Mindfulness Teaching in Basic and Secondary Education, endorsed by the UNAM Graduate Medicine Program. She is also a professor of Neuroscience of Emotions in the Socioemotional Education Specialty at IBERO.

Born in Mexico City, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at UNAM, graduating with honors, and later her Master’s degree at the Universidad Iberoamericana. In the United States she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a specialty in Mindfulness in Education. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Education at the American University of Europe.

She is certified in the most important Mindfulness in Education programs worldwide and belongs to the Network of authorized global providers of Mindful Schools (USA) and Mindfulness in Schools Project (UK).

Among her most important publications are:

• “The Gift of the Elephant, Mindfulness for Children”, one of the most important references for socio-emotional education in preschool and primary school children, recommended by the SEP in the Official Gazette.
• “Alice in the Land of Consciousness,” which she co-authored with professor and researcher Leah Bella Attie.
• The collection “Tutoring and Socioemotional Education for Secondary School”, by Editorial Santillana, where she shares authorship with great exponents of Socioemotional Education worldwide: Dr. Rafael Bisquerra, and Dras. Cimmena Chao, Hilda Patiño and Esther García Navarro.
• “Society, Emotional Education and Mindfulness” published by the Metropolitan Autonomous University, in press.